Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Legacy and the DeSpooking Clinic

Legacy takes time to smell the roses

What a great day we local driving club sponsored a DeSpooking clinic and Liz M. and I brought horses. The day went well, I had planned on driving around the farm where the clinic was being held, but it was just too icy for me to feel comfortable. At various stations around the arena there were obstacles...Here Legacy was asked to put her front feet on the pedestal..she did the task, but gave me the "equine eye roll" once she complied.

Legacy loved the man and the violin....Thanks Liz for all these photos you took, you were GREAT!

A little ground driving first, then we hitched and drove...a superb day indeed.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

DeSpooking Clinic

Well, the worm has turned and the weather is finally nice here. At least it was until today and we have started our spring tune-ups on all the horses and are beginning to fill up the calendar with compeition dates.

Last weekend my good Curly friend, Linda V., and I took our Curlies to the Despooking clinic at Sporthorse and had a blast. Once again, our Curlies proved their worth by accepting all the obstacles, responding with calm, curiousity and doing what we asked of them. I took my 4 year old gelding, Khatmoondhu, and we worked the obstacles first on the ground and then under saddle.

The clinic had a very diverse array of obstacles and challenges to take our horses through including tarps, a giant teddy bear, boy on a bicycle, jumps, cones, vacuum cleaner turned on, flowers (they can be scarey!) and a man playing a violin.

I am proud to say that "Dhuzie" was awesome. Linda did great as well with her remarkable horse, Legacy. I hope she soon posts pix of Legacy in harness and pulling the cart. They are a fun team to watch. Here are some photos of the clinic and as you can see, my boy is finally growing up.

Up next on the calendar for Khatmoondhu is his first trial endurance race at the end of this month. We will only be doing the 15 mile trail ride because he is 4 and taking it nice and easy so he can become used to compeition without becoming "crazy". Show season is just about to officially start.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Saddle Up!

There is a new article about Curlies in the March edition of Saddle Up Magazine this is a published magazine and you can also read it online by clicking the read online link.  Once there, you can zoom in on the articles - check it ou ton pages 26, 27, 28.  Curly Sporthorse International supported this article with an ad to promote Curly Sporthorses - thank you CSI!
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