Thursday, February 16, 2012

Looking forward to Spring and the new season!

Even though the weather has been mild, it has also been icey - I usually have winter shoes with borium on at least one of two of my horses and this year *Joey has them on so his riding/training has continued.  So in December of 2011, *Joe had a bried hiatus from his regular training and he spent a month with my favorite young cowboy/friend/trainer for a month, which I am sure was very good for him :)
But now it is back to his regular work and he is now being ridden by my young eventer friend and wow am I impressed with how well he is doing and how great he is looking.  He is developing a nice topline and he is also showing us that he has a good work ethic and is quite capable of the work.  She has also taken over a few jumps on the trail - as soon as the footing clears a bit more we will be trying him over some fences.
So here are a few of photos from his recent training sessions - I am defnitely going to try to get him to at least a few dressage shows this year!  *Joe is looking for his forever home, will be very suitable for dressage and also has a lot of go and stamina, so could probably do eventing too.

Stay tuned for more as he progresses!
Shelly in snowy Summerland, BC Canada