Tuesday, October 23, 2012

USDF All Breeds Awards announced!

For the First time in the history of CSI, there were 4 USDF All Breeds awarded. Winners are:
 Melissa Harlinski riding *Dances in Cahoots, TL.. median score of 67.600....

.First Level results were 1st place- Stefanie Rossetti- riding Mighty Quinn- median score 64.516..and close behind in 2nd place was Jenny Feuquay- riding Spar Larka- median score 64.138 ..

Last , but certainly not least is winner Lynda McNeely-riding Spar Trek at 4th Level...with a median score of 61.375 ...........CONGRATS GALS...a job well done!

Friday, October 19, 2012

A CSI promo video


This video has been a labor of love!  Love for CSI, the horses and our exceptional membership. Many members donated photos to this video. Some of our breeders provided information for the breeders section. In the makings for nearly a year, I have finally uploaded the video to YouTube where it can literally be shared with the world!  

Watch our video and send the link to all your friends to watch too!
thanks CSI members and their wonderful curly horses.