Thursday, July 7, 2011

*BCF Icon and *Snowman's Magic

In May of this year I had the opportunity to take my two young stallions to the annual Okanagan Breeders Showcase and stallion show.  In the past I have taken my senior stallion *Sandman's Magic and he has always been a crowd favorite - we always ride him in these demos to the tune of "Mr. Sandman", he seems to know and like the music and it if fun to ride to!

But this year I took my two young stallions, the first was our new stallion *BCF Icon, we imported him in April from GA, from the excellent breeding program of Lisa Wytiaz.  I am in love with this young stallion!  He has excellent conformation, his way of going is over the top amazing and in typical Curly fashion, he is incredibly easy to handle - he is fun, respectful and yet really puts out when asked to!

*Icon has been bred to two mares for 2012 foals - we are really excited to see his first foal crop and we are pretty sure it is going to be a whole new era at the Curly Standard Place!

Here is a slideshow to photos of him from the Okanagan Breeders Showcase

And below are a few photos of him.

Okay - now our second young stallion is *Snowman's Magic !  He is an own son of our outstanding flagship stallion *Sandman's Magic and his dam is a really super quality, registered appaloosa mare Cordova True Colours.  *Snowman is everything we could have hoped for from this cross.  He has excellent conformation, superb temperament, a very powerful way of going and will be sure to always get noticed with his amazing loud appaloosa colour.  Here is a link to photos of him at the Okanagan Breeders Showcase and below are a few photos of him from the demo.  We are so excited about this young progeny of *Sandman!

Keep an eye out for both of these young horses - they are up and coming stallions, they will be trained to ride next year (2012) and are available for breeding at our farm in Summerland, BC Canada
Shelly at the Curly Standard Place